A 7 Month Round-Up of Grenada…and Upcoming Plans!

In just two days we’re leaving Grenada. This has been our home since April 2, 2014 and it truly has felt like home. We were able to unpack our backpacks and actually hang up our clothes in a closet! We made some fantastic friends and we had sweet spare dog to take care of, who showed us great love in return.

There are so many things to do in Grenada, and during 7 months, we didn’t get to see them all. Honestly, we don’t feel ready to leave. perhaps this will be a place that we return to again and again (Update: we returned two more times!).

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So, what did we get up to these past seven months? Vamos a ver…

We lazed on the best beaches in Grenada, hung-out at beach bars, packed picnics to enjoy at secluded spots, and gazed in awe at the stunning sunsets from our favourite spots.

Sunset at Grand Anse, Morne Rouge Beach, Hog Island, Driftwood Beach

We took spare dog anywhere and practically everywhere! He loves going for car rides and seeing new places.

Spare dog all over the island
We hiked through the mud to reach chilly waterfalls, wandered along rocky points while enjoying beautiful views and walked through thick jungle to arrive at our favourite secret coves.

7 Sisters Waterfall, Driftwood Beach, St. David’s point, Grand Etang NP and Fort Jeudy Point
We visited age-old plantations, chocolate factories, rum distilleries and spice gardens.

Grenada Chocolate, Belmont Estate, River Antoine Rum Distillery, Laura spice Garden
We snorkelled in the deep blue sea, sailed up and down the island’s coast and went scuba diving to see sunken ships.

Snorkelling, sailing with Footloose tours and scuba diving with Dive Grenada

We placed our bets at a hermit crab race, participated in our first hash and listened to a band play music from a barge out on the water at a dinghy concert.

Hashing, betting on crabs and a dinghy concert!
We ate delicious meals at some great restaurants with fantastic views, while drinking the local beers, Carib & Stag.

Carib Beer at Umbrellas, Prickly Bay, Petit Bacaye
We visited the colourful capital city of St. George’s on numerous occasions to shop, eat and enjoy the historical sites.

Beautiful St. George’s
We enjoyed Roseanne’s fabulous BBQ and Ronda’s ice cream nearly every week!

The best chicken and pork on the island…with cookies & cream ice cream for dessert!

We danced, drank and were in awe (and shock!) at our first carnival celebration.

Crazy colours, costumes and dancing at Carnival
We had beach cook-outs, double dates and fun days with some fabulous people.

With Amanda and Darryl, a cook-out, LionFish Lime
We sampled tropical fruits fresh from the trees on our property, tried our first “oil-down” and snacked on rotis.

Roti, starfruit and oil-down

We went cycling around the south of Grenada and deep-sea fishing!

Deep Sea fishing with true Blue Sportfishing and Cycling with Mocha Spoke

We drove up and down and all around while exploring this windy, mountainous country.

A drive around the island takes a whole day with stops, even longer if you take your time

…and if all of this wasn’t enough, we went to the neighbouring islands in the Grenadines for 3 weeks to celebrate my 30th birthday! We island-hopped from Grenada up the Grenadines chain of islands, visiting Carriacou, Union, Tobago Cays, palm Island, Mayreau and Bequia.

The best 30th birthday ever!

There are many more things that we did while in Grenada, this list could go on and on. For such a small country, it really packs a lot of punch and we had some very memorable times here.

Farewell Grenada

Grenada will forever hold a special place in our hearts. It’s the first country where we successfully lived as digital nomads , the place of our very first overseas pet-sitting job and a country that gave us some much-appreciated joy, relaxation and peace for 7 fabulous months. We had some great experiences here and are delighted that we met spare dog and all of the other wonderful people that we have come to know and love.

What Does The next chapter Hold?

We feel that our next move really encompasses everything that we’re all about, and includes all of the things that we realized from living in Grenada.

We plan to fly from Grenada to Puerto Vallarta, then take a local bus to the small surfing town of San Pancho. Nuestros amigos Dan y Casey nos recomendaron esta ciudad, con una población de aproximadamente 2,000 personas y ubicados justo en el agua, creemos que esta pintoresca ciudad mexicana será el lugar perfecto para alquilar un apartamento por un tiempo.

Nos encantó nuestro viaje a México a principios de 2014

¡Después de 4.5 años en el camino, este es el año en que nuestras familias finalmente vendrán a visitarnos en el extranjero! Mi papá vino a vernos aquí en Granada en agosto, y durante nuestra próxima estadía en San Pancho, cuatro miembros de la familia de Nick vendrán a visitarlos en varios momentos, y mi madre también vendrá.

Planeamos permanecer en nuestra casa mexicana temporal durante 2 meses, al menos. ¡Realmente queremos tratar de aprender español y continuar con nuestro estilo de vida feliz y sin estrés! Después de eso, podemos ir a otra parte de México o avanzar hacia el sur en América Central y América del Sur. ¿Quién sabe, tal vez volvamos a Granada por un momento?! …

Gracias a todos por seguir nuestro viaje en Granada. ¡Estén atentos para ver lo que hacemos a continuación!

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