Isla Mujeres, Mexico – Reuniting With good friends as well as Living the beach Life

It was a rainy day in San Pancho so we headed to our much-loved restaurant to utilize the wi-fi. There, as we took pleasure in our lunch of turkey sandwiches, we got a FaceTime phone call from one of our travel buddies:

“Hey guys, want to satisfy up at the end of January?”

“¡Por supuesto! ¿Donde?”

“Yucatan area?”

“Yep, let’s make it happen!”

And so began the planning process of satisfying up with two of our finest travel friends. We very first satisfied Bernie as well as Toni-Lee when we were in the western desert of Siwa, Egypt back in 2011. We hit it off instantaneously as well as the long, 8 hour trip out to the desert was full of the chatter of nuevos amigos.

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We’ve considering that satisfied up with this couple in 7 different countries around the world – Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Nepal, Mexico, China & Canada.

Meeting as well as interacting with people is one of the most extraordinary elements of travelling. The bond produced between travellers is indescribable, so when we got the phone call from Bernie, we understood we had to make the effort to satisfy up again, this time around in the south of Mexico.

A excellent reunion!!
During our trip around the Yucatan area in 2014, we had heard of Isla Mujeres, however instead made a decision to venture to Holbox Island. this time around around, we didn’t want to miss out on the Island of women as well as made a decision that would be the best location to spend a week with our friends. Now, don’t get as well excited, it doesn’t indicate that there are women around the place, it’s just what the translation is in Spanish ?

It had been 17 days considering that we had swam in the ocean, as well as although we absolutely adored the colonial cities of Guadalajara, Guanajuato as well as Mexico DF, the white sands as well as remove waters were calling us.

We flew from Mexico City down to Cancun, as well as getting to the island from the city was simple. We made our method to Puerto Juarez as well as bought return tickets for 146 pesos each ($10USD). The incredibly quick ferry had us flying over the turquoise water as well as coming to the island in about 25 minutes.

An satisfying trip over to the island
As we hoisted our heavy backpacks over our backs, as well as stepped off onto the dock, waves of enjoyment flooded over us. There’s just something about the beach, as well as in specific the Caribbean, we absolutely like it! We virtually ran to our guesthouse, hotel Las Palmas, as well as couldn’t wait to satisfy up with our friends.

A note as well as hand-drawn map was left for us “I’m at the beach, Bernie is diving, see you soon! Love, Toni” We stripped down, altered into our bathing fits as well as promptly headed to the prominent as well as sensational Playa Norte (North Beach).

Although the beach was packed with people, the appeal of it still shined through. Powdery white sands were lined with palapa styled beach bars as well as towering palm trees. The water was exceptionally clear, warm, shallow as well as totally risk-free for swimming. After browsing with the people, we identified Toni. We greeted each other with large hugs as well as chosen up where we had left off last year in Canada.

Playa de playa norte
The week that complied with was like a holiday for us. Days were full of lounging on the beach, enjoying some tasty regional as well as western food, as well as walking up as well as down the streets as well as waterside promenade. This cement pathway is the best location to choose a run, or just a stroll in the early morning or evening.

Nick as well as Bernie have been dive friends considering that Egypt as well as were delighted to be reunited under the water when again. The diving diving was remarkable with around 20 – 30 meters visibility! lots of fish were spotted, in addition to lobster, turtles as well as eagle rays. during this time, Nick logged his 65th dive!

Diving with Squalo Adventures on Isla Mujeres

A prominent mode of transportation around the island is by method of golf cart, which was the best way for the four of us to Echa un vistazo a esta isla de 7 km x 650 m. Después de navegar nuestro método desde el concurrido extremo norte de la isla, las carreteras terminaron siendo esencialmente vacías.

Revisamos el santuario de tortugas (que desafortunadamente se parecía mucho más a un zoológico), nos detuvimos en una encantadora iglesia con ventanas de vidrio, un colorido cementerio y la idea más meridional (Punta Sur). Esta fue el área en la que tomamos la decisión de disfrutar del picnic que habíamos empacado: el guacamole con tostadas, ensalada de pasta con verduras, así como atún, huevos duros y cantaloupe estaban en el menú. La comida, el negocio y las vistas fueron maravillosas.

¡La mejor área para un picnic!
Punta Sur es el punto más meridional de la isla, así como el punto más oriental del país. Si nos quedara allí por la mañana, seríamos las primeras personas en México en experimentar el sol … ¡pero todos entendemos que nunca sucedería!

Sin embargo, estamos pensando extremadamente en la puesta de sol, así como por alguna razón, todos se despejaron de la playa durante este tiempo, dejándonos solo los dos, así como en un par de locales para disfrutar del sol. distancia.

Los acantilados rocosos y el impresionante mar en Punta Sur

Después de descansar en la playa, comer comida sabrosa, así como un método de beber, así como muchas margaritas, era hora de avanzar. Los cuatro tuvimos una noche mucho más juntos en Cancún antes de separarnos. ¿Me pregunto en qué parte del mundo satisfaremos a continuación?

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